How to Place Parlay Bets in Soccer?

If you are a fan of soccer betting, you already know that parlay bets are among the most exciting bets to place. If you love to win a single large payout, you may want to play these bets from time to time. It involves combining multiple wagers and involves high risk. Since it is extremely difficult to win these bets, it is important that you make your decisions based on in-depth research and data analysis. And this will require you to get the help of experienced tipsters who provide sure soccer predictions. At the same time, you should also follow the right betting strategy to increase your chances of winning big.



What are Parlay Bets?

Parlay bets are wagers that include 2 or more bets and offer bigger payouts compared to straight bets. If you want to win your parlay, you should win all the different bets and the point-spread should be covered. If there is a tie, there will be lower payout in this type of bet. A unique thing about this type of bet is that if the match gets cancelled or postponed, it is considered as a tie.


Strategies to Win Parlay Bets

If you want to increase your chances of winning it is recommended to follow these strategies:


Bet on Teams & Games You Know About

When betting on soccer parlays, it is best to choose matches and teams that you know about. It is a good thing if you already follow the teams involved and have knowledge of their lineup. Remember, it is not possible to create a winning parlay bet if you don’t know much about the teams involved.

So if you follow the English Premier League (EPL) closely, you should place parlay bets on matches between clubs from the league. There is no point in placing such high-odds bets on a match between Manchester United and Bayern Munich, especially if you don’t follow Bundesliga.

In fact, even when you are a follower of the EPL, it is important to check the statistics. If your parlay bets aren’t backed by data, you can be making a mistake. This is where you should get the help of sure soccer predictions sites and their community of expert tipsters.



Choose Both Teams to Score Market

It is recommended to also place bets on markets that are not just outright winner wagers. This can help you make the most of the highest-possible odds while reducing the risks. The Both Teams to Score Market is an excellent example. It is much simpler for you to predict on it than the winner of a soccer event.

  • This strategy can especially be beneficial if there are multiple matches between top-scoring teams
  • You can bet on both the teams scoring at least 1 goal, as this bet has a very high chance
  • You can bet Both Teams to Score Market on multiple matches to generate some big profits
  • This market provides high parlay potential if you stick to matches between the top-scoring teams

When both the teams have some of the best strikers in the game, you can look forward to winning your bet.


Stay Away from High-Risk Bets

Even when you are choosing high-odds bets, it doesn’t mean that you cannot play safe. You can avoid parlay bets with high risks while at the same time getting a chance to win big. Keep the following points in mind with regard to this point:

  • The more then number of bets added to your parley, the higher will be the risk
  • You can reduce the number of teams on the parlay to bring down the risk
  • Many times bettors create parlays with up to half a dozen picks. This can significantly increase the payouts but the risks are very high.

When you choose to place a parlay bet with 10 picks, there is negligible chance of winning. If both the teams are equivalent in their strengths, your chances of winning such a bet are a staggering 1023/1. A good strategy can be to make 2 or 3 picks and reduce the risk on your bets.



Choose Draw No Bet

Draw no bet wagers are also referred to as 2-way money lines. When you choose these bets, you can place your bet on any of the two teams. You can also add them to a parlay just like standard bets being added to match results. Doing this can also offer you better odds.

Usually, you will come across 3-way money line wagers in each match. This means you can have 3 options to place your bets on. You will have to choose between either of the team’s winning. If there is a tie, your original bet is returned.


Getting Around Betting Limits

You can also use parlay bets to get around betting limits. You can place your bets on multiple picks without getting restricted by the site’s cap on soccer bets. So if a site places a cap of €500 on a bet, choosing a parlay bet can help you get around it. You can include 2 or 3 picks and place bets of €1,000 or more. This strategy can be used by a bettor who seeks to bet big.

There are even more versatile betting options with parlays. For example, you can take advantage of correlated parlays. For example, if you find the option to make different bets on if it is going to be cloudy and if it is going to be rainy. You can take advantage of the parley bet and bet both as ‘yes’ or both as ‘no’.

Thus, there are many ways you can use parlay bets to your advantage. But it is important that you choose the right site for sure soccer predictions and follow smart strategies to succeed. Look for a reputed prediction site that has a vast community of experienced tipsters who can provide highly accurate tips. Also make sure that the site supports the types of parlay bets you intend to place. There are very few such sites that can support different types of parlays.