How to Find Bets with Value & Exclusion Predictions?

When betting on soccer, it is important that you search for value in all your bets. When managing predictions for sure wins in soccer today, it is important to find the odds for the outcome you have guessed.  So how do you search for value against the favorite team when betting on soccer? Find out what ‘value’ means here and how to search for it when betting against the favorite side.




What is a Bet with Value?

A bet has a specific value if the odds are at a level. At this level the rewards is bigger than the risk. You can determine whether a bet has a value based on the following:

  • Determine how probable it is that your prediction will be correct. This is determined in percentage.
  • Determine the best-possible decimal price
  • Multiple the probability of a win against the odds

If the result is 1.00 or higher, it means that the bet you intend to place has a value.

So if you believe that a team has a chance of winning by 50%, you should place a bet on it if the odds you are getting is 2.00 or higher. When you multiply 2.00 by 50%, the value comes to 1:00. So it is recommended to bet on an outcome if that bet has a value and you are certain about winning.


Searching for Good Value Bets

It can be challenging to find bets with great value. This is why it can be helpful if you rely on predictions for sure wins in soccer today from expert tipsters.

  • Tipsters on prediction sites can help you find the best-possible odds
  • You can often find bets that provide incredible value in the form of predictions against the favorite side
  • Keep in mind that the value of a bet depends on your assumption (your probability goes against the probability of the bookmaker)
  • The usual favorite teams are almost always at the top of the table and can retain over 75% of success rate
  • You can expect very low odds for such teams to win

Such teams have very high ambitions and are mostly in good form.


Can a Favorite Team Always Win?

Even the best team cannot be said to win all its matches. There are very few cases where a team ends up wining all its matches in a tournament or season. It has become even more difficult in current times, as football has evolved significantly in recent times.

This is where you should look for the opportunity to bet against the favorite and get your chance to make some big profits. It is important to do thorough evaluations and bet at the right time to make the most of such opportunities.




The following example should simplify the process of finding value bets against the favorite:

Consider that Team A has won 5 consecutive matches. The odds for those winning matches would have been something in the range 1.20 and 1.70. Once the odds have been calculated the total product can come to approximately 5.00 to 6.00.

The odds for Team A to win in its 6th match in the tournament will very low. This means that the odds for a loss or draw will be very high. This provides you with the chance to make an excellent value bet. However, you cannot just bet on a loss or draw for Team A without any evidence.

This is where you should rely on the tipsters who can provide sure wins in soccer today based on inside information. There is often news about teams that may not have been made public and can have an impact on the players and/or the coaches. If you want to bet against the favorite side and play on high odds, you should seek the help of expert tipsters.

Placing such value bets also requires excellent observation skills and lots of experience. So you should look for the right predictions sites to provide you with tips and predictions for such bets with value.


Exclusion Predictions

If you want to make profits betting on soccer, you should look for wagers that offer very high odds. Usually, when you make predictions, you are guessing the final outcome of a match. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you should focus on different outcomes – results that may not occur.

You can usually find double chance bets on most betting platforms. In this case, you will be betting on two different results in a football match. This helps spread the risk and increases you chances of winning. This further helps in reducing the bookie’s odds. So if you predict that Team A is not going to win, you should consider placing the double chance bet.

So how do you find such exclusion bets?You can often find the probability percentage to be low for certain bets. You can often find such double bets in these sections.



Find the Best Predictions Platform

Now that you know how to find bets with some of the highest odds, you will need the help of a predictions site to make sure wins in soccer today. There are hundreds if not thousands of soccer predictions sites out there. You should evaluate the sites based on the quality of the tipsters and their predictions.

The best predictions sites list and rank their tipsters based on key factors like:

  1. Total tips
  2. Total profits made
  3. Hits Rate%
  4. Total Wins

You should be able to choose the best tipsters for the types of soccer bets you intend to place with ease. These experts make their predictions based on data analysis from past matches and insider information and news.

So if you want to succeed in soccer betting and make big profits, you should look for the bets with high odds. Since betting on soccer is a difficult task, you should get the help of experienced tipsters to find accurate predictions for sure wins.